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The development prospect of China's APIs?


Development Prospects of Chinese APIs

1. The global pharmaceutical market is expected to maintain a growth rate of more than 8% in 2014, the new pharmaceutical market is likely to maintain a greater growth rate, and the domestic market demand for APIs will continue to grow.

2. Many varieties of APIs in China occupy a relatively high market share in the market and have obvious advantages in scale, which cannot be replaced by other countries in the short term.

3. Although the prices of APIs in China have risen considerably due to multiple factors, these rising factors are rigid, and it is impossible for them to drop significantly in 2013 and affect the total export volume of APIs in China. Judging from the import of APIs in 2012, the average price increased by 28.21%. In the case of the general rise in global API prices, the comparative advantage of China's API prices still exists.

4. The efforts of Chinese enterprises to avoid homogeneous competition and develop characteristic APIs, and the practice of many enterprises aiming at the developed country market, passing market certification, and continuously improving the quality of export products will expand the export space of Chinese APIs.

5. The continuous introduction and implementation of the national policy to encourage export will also play an important role in promoting the export growth of APIs.